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A Ballerina in My Own Bedroom

These were so much fun.  After dyeing the yarn with Queen’s Food Colouring (remember these?) I decided I needed a sweet, one-ball-o’-yarn project to display the fun.  And what’s better than slippers?  (Nothing, quite frankly, I love anything vaguely related to pyjamas).

They are meant to be worn while you turn clumsy pirouettes in front of your bedroom mirror while listening to classical music, or, perhaps if you’re me, maybe Josh Pyke or Matt Walters or John Mayer… any one of those boys with acoustic guitars and romantic sing-a-longs.

It took a bit of working to squeeze them out of one ball, and if you’re feet are bigger than a 36 or so, a second ball would be required.  My original plan was to have them cover the top of my feet, but I’m glad I perservered, otherwise, I would’ve lost that sweet, tie-up effect of ballet slippers.  The ribbon came from a fantastic shop here in Brunswick called Anne’s Fabrics, it’s such a gem.  It’s a tiny, pokey shop, with lots of everything.  It’s run by a husband and wife, where the husband is often found eating toasted sandwiches by the buttons while she does long hand maths to calculate your total.  It’s a bit crazy but I love it.  I just had to mention it.

I wrote a pattern up for them if anyone is interested.  They’re quite simple if you’re familiar with toe-up socks and short row heels, even though there is not a lot of working in the round involved.  It can’t hurt to put it up on Ralvery anyway.

Neil and I are watching the Top 1000 Songs of all Time on Max and discussing favourite songs of our own, along with expensive, and groundbreaking videos.  Being Australian, there’s a lot of music and videos that I take for granted as being a part of my life that Neil just doesn’t appreciate, not only why are they included in countdowns, but why do I love them?  The best example of this is when we were at Splendour in the Grass in 2007 and Spiderbait played.  Me and the rest of the ground are going mental, while Neil stood there with his arms crossed, asking what was all the fuss about?  Just recently, we were at a Boy + Girl gig, and they covered ‘Song Formerly Known As !’ by Regurgitator, and my friends and I went spastic while Neil watched on bemused.  It definitely reminds you that you’re ages away from anywhere, but that making your own culture is still fun.

To celebrate that, here’s Machine Gun Fellatio’s ‘Girl of My Dreams’, just to share some of that music that makes you ask “WTF, mate?” that Australia created so much of in the 90’s.

June 7th, 2009
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  1. Sandra van Kolck on June 9, 2009 at 11:02 am

    I love the sound of the shop in Brunswick. I expect you find lots of treasures there. Sandra