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Afternoon Tea

When I flew to Europe last year, I packed a knitting project for the plane.  A shawl, one ball of yarn, on circular needles.  I figured I couldn’t lose a needle, and I would have to try pretty hard to have someone’s eye out.  I chose the Afternoon Tea shawl, because the shape is quite lovely, and there was nothing that I would need to look up while airborne.

Afternoon Tea

It was a wise choice in the end.  The only annoying thing being I finished the shawl before my flights were over!  I found it had a great rhythm and it certainly knit up very quickly.

The yarn is some 3ply I bought from a market in Brunswick once.  It’s dyed using eucalyptus leaves from the park behind my house.  There was about 100g of it.

Close up of shawl.

Admittedly, it did take me a year to block.  Blocking is one of the most satisfying parts of the knitting process, watching seemingly crumpled stitches relax and lay out, but damn it, it’s tedious.  Pin, pin, pin, then steam, steam, steam.  Repeat because your ironing board isn’t big enough.

I made that vest too!

The shawl has now been presented to my Aunty Kim as a birthday present.  When I left her, she was wondering whether to wear it or display it…

July 14th, 2013
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