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And That is That!

I have been cranking out the FO’s lately, guys.  I think I almost gave my dad a heart attack when I said that I only had one project on the needles at the moment, which are the Subconcious tights (ignore the Curly Curler’s, they will never be finished).  These are mostly small projects, which is why they’ve come out so quickly, but it’s still immensely satisfying.

  1. Jared’s Scarf (Bass Lite)
    Jared wanted a really long scarf.  We went to my favourite LYS, Wool Baa in Albert Park, where he picked out some fine Jo Sharp tweed, paid for it (my favourite part) and then I put in the hard yards to make this epic scarf happen!  I named the scarf after Chuck Bass and his many scarfs, however, it is not as colourful as his, hence the Lite.  Diet scarf anyone?  I think he liked it, I did catch him just out of bed.
  2. Lynn’s Bag (The Secret Garden)
    My mum’s friend Lynn saw the bag I made for my mum and wanted one for herself.  While the Knitty pattern is fun, it wasn’t very me and I wanted to do something that was more practical and a little more challenging.  Plus, Lynn loved the Flurry yarn it was made out of, so I went out of my way to use as much of it as possible.  I did okay!  Hopefully she likes it, I have no idea yet.
  3. Bella’s Hat (Bella Panda)
    Bella requested a hat, that had panda ears, excpet she’d like it in pink.  That I can do for you m’lady!  It’s also got little flecks of colour through it, as I double stranded the pink yarn with some white yarn.  I put it in the post yesterday, and it arrived safely in Bendigo today, which I was excited and surprised by.
  4. Neil’s Hoodie (Boogie Hoodie)
    As mentioned in a previous post, Neil went away for Easter to a music festival.  I made him a hoodie to keep him warm.  It was a little bit silly, I lined it with fleece that had pictures of lions on it.  He loved it so much, he turned it inside out and wore it like that for the major night of the festival.  The photo I’ve got here is one his friend took while at the festival.  Ignore the seams, please.

One last thing, I needed new shoes for a wedding I’m going to on Friday.  I really wanted heels, but to get them cheap from a place like Target, I need to buy girls’ sized shoes, because my feet are too small.  Girls’ shoes don’t have high heels because that’s… stupid.  Well, not the done thing really.  I found these sweet flats in Best and Less, which were everything I didn’t want, but I pimped my shoes and now I think they’re perfect.  Here’s a before and after.

April 15th, 2009
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