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Better Late Than Never

When we go to camping music festivals, like Meredith and Boogie, we like to dress up.  Sometimes it’s within a theme, other times it’s just to be fancy and outlandish, at least compared to a workplace dresscode.

I had planned to have this skirt finished by Meredith last year, but when I didn’t see that happening, I didn’t force it.  I planned some other outfits for the weekend instead and packed this project up for when I would have some more time to finish it.

Lolita inspired skirt.

Instead of using a pattern, I used a tutorial, Miscy’s Basic Lolita Skirt Tutorial to be exact.  I have a soft-spot for Lolita fashion, but not a lot of desire to wear it head-to-toe.  I would consider this “inspired by” Lolita.  It incorporates the basic cupcake shape of the skirt that is so important to Lolita (and is my favourite part), but it’s otherwise a little more toned-down and, dare I say, grown up.

Close up.

To create the fabric, I sewed together alternating strips of two different cotton fabrics.  It helped create the width as asked for by the tutorial, and all those seams also helped create some stability in order for the skirt to puff out.  I did count how many strips there were, but the number was high and I think I’ve deliberately forgotten it due to how boring it got sewing them all together.

I did intend for the skirt to be longer, but I didn’t cut all of the strips out evenly.  To avoid loosing too much length hemming, it is hemmed with some bias tape made from the same material as the waistband.   While I’m extremely happy with the length upon completion, I need to remember that that is a coincidence.  I also feel that some of the floral strips are off bias a little.  This whole experience has meant that I have a new found respect for quilters!

The skirt is lined with some black acetate from my stash.  I also took the chance to learn how to use my rolled hem foot on the lining.  It’s not perfect, but with practice, I think I will finish more hems with that foot as it was very quick and the effect overall is really neat.

The fabrics were all remnants I picked up from Rathdown Remnants.  I still have a bit of the pinstripes and the flowers left over.

Me wearing the skirt!

I’m wearing a petticoat with the skirt to help give it some volume.  I know I said it was a festival skirt, but after wearing it all day doing “normal” things, like going to the dentist and buying bread, I really think I’d like to wear it more often…

January 31st, 2013
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