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DIY Twiggy and Revolting

They’re controversial, but I wanted a “sack” dress… err, tunic dress.  I got to try one on while mystery shopping a month or two ago and was so excited to see it fit my frame so neatly (unlike other trends, such as low rise jeans), but due to budget contraints, I was out of luck when it came to buying it.

This number was made up of an on-sale Vogue pattern, $10 worth of fabric from Brunswick Fabrics, and some quick notions like a zip.  $34 later… swish!

It’s so wild!  I crossed the river in this baby to Revolver to see the Skybombers.  They were trying to impress some big wigs and called on all their gansterettes and dandies to cheer, sing a long, and look good.  A combintion of those things, as scientifically proven, creates rock music so fun, all the variables increase exponetionally.  Pictures speak louder than words, so here’s some riffs:

July 17th, 2009
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  1. kae on July 21, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    OOOH total love for the "sack" dress - looks great on you, and love the retro fabric. Can I ask what the vogue pattern number was?

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