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Employee of The Month

Penguin is a character that followed Neil and I home after a trip to Phillip Island.  Penguin (that’s his entire name, like Prince or Madonna) is a security penguin and looks after our house when we’re not in it.  He claims to be one of the original Phillip Island penguins, although he’s also said that he would hang out with the St Kilda penguins too.  Apparently he used to work the door at The Espy.  He talks a lot.

Today Penguin’s job took him beyond keeping the cat in line.  I am working on a blazer for Neil and this evening, I completed pad stitching the under-collar.  The next step would be to block the collar on a tailor’s ham.  I don’t have a tailor’s ham (yet!) but I do live with a Penguin.

Very smart, Penguin.

Don’t worry, he’ll get overtime pay for this.

November 15th, 2012
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