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Errata, Knitting and Me

Running across errata in knitting — where the printed pattern is incorrect — it seems, at least in the world of Ravelry, is either slightly annoying, or a reason to frog work in progress and choose something new, depending on skill level.  I’ve never run across it, because I’ve often worked from free internet patterns, which means any errors were fixed long before I knew there were any there.  Today, I casted on an “Amusing Cap for Under Twenties”, which is from a vintage Stitchcraft magazine (I pitch it at perhaps 50’s?).  See if you can spot the error:

“… TENSION: 7 sts. and 9 rows to an inch on No. 11 needles…

… With No.11 needles and dark shade, cast on 32 sts…”

I wish I had thought about this earlier, when I was doing the insane thing of making a gauge swatch, that 32 stitches would mean my head was roughly around 4 inches round.  I counted up how much pattern went into a stitch and looked at the accompanying photograph to see that this kind of cast on was impossible.

I’m not sure where one gets errata for Stitchcraft numer 212, but I’m letting you know now, for an “average” size head, you’d want to be casting on around 140 stitches, plus any more you needed to make pattern.

In other news, I have exams this week and my brain has already decided to wig out on me.  Previously, I have baked like a crazed woman.  Seems I’m finding vintage errata instead.

October 26th, 2009
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