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i got u a cat

I work in customer service, where interacting with an upset customer can turn a day into an absolute bummer.  My workmates and I will rally around each other, and send each other animal gifs and YouTube clips to raise a smile.  Actually, you know what, sometimes we do it anyway because who can resist a cat gif?  We can’t.

My boss Kerryn showed workmate Fiona and I this cartoon on the eve of her birthday:

The best of Tumblr.

(I did some research so that I could cite this correctly, and it appears that this series of cartoons is actually an exercise in reblogging on Tumblr.  Some of the Tumblrs mentioned in the graphic don’t exist anymore, but the final post, with the complete set of images, still appears to be available here.  I compiled the images together from this Imgur post.)

So on Kerryn’s birthday, Fiona and I arranged this series of gifts for Kerryn.  Tina had balloons, Mira had the cake, and Fiona even made the trip to Officeworks to print off a Ryan Gosling.  I was in charge of the cat.

Chilling out on a record player.

I didn’t really twig until later that the kitty in the cartoon didn’t have a white belly.  The cat I had in my head was Fiona’s cat Weasley.

Sleazly the Wondercat!

The pattern is from Best in Show: Knit Your Own Cat (thanks for the gift, Kathryn!), and although there is a ginger cat pattern, I opted to knit the standing kitten pattern.  I used left over fuzzy acrylics I had in my stash, and the majority of this kitty was made up (I almost wrote “compiled” — too much coding for me!) while waiting for my aging computer to put together some of my uni assignments.

He was quite a quick make, but the putting him together was fiddly.  However, I’ve knit a couple of cats now, and I think that this pattern is the most cat-like pattern I’ve come across, which made it very satisfying.  Neil said that, “this looks exactly like the picture in the book!  It even has the weird shaped head of the cat in the book!”  On future cats, I might try and think of ways to round out the head a little more.  (I’ve photographed him with some MySpace angles here to bring out his good side).

I should mention the gift was a success, there’s plenty of photos of Kerryn grinning manically from behind cake and balloons.  There was also a photo of Ryan Gosling riding the cat, which I think is a compliment.

May 27th, 2013
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  1. Kerryn on May 27, 2013 at 11:03 pm

    Huge success all round! And the best cat I've ever been given! Yay Sleazly!

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