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I’m Back!


I doubt I ever had enough followers to have anyone worry about me (mainly because my mum knows where I am), but this was always a blog about my sewing and I want to document why I didn’t really sew for what felt like a long time.

Lots of things happened though!  Neil and I got married!  We travelled to New York City to get married, and then we had two receptions, one in England and one in Australia.  Early on in the planning process, I was going to make my dress, but I ended up buying one I really like.  I love seeing handmade wedding dresses, but making my own was not a task I was ready for because I would be that bride hemming her dress the morning of the ceremony.

Neil and Nyssa and a GIANT MURAL.

We had our wedding photos taken in Bushwick, in front of murals by The Bushwick Collective

I did make a “going-away” skirt, although I’ve been calling it an after-party skirt.  I will write a post dedicated to its construction in the near future.

So, after the wedding, Neil and I sat on a big secret for awhile, until around Christmas time.  Neil was offered a job at an agency in New York, so the three of us — Neil, Tilly the cat and myself — packed up our lives and made the move in March.  We spent two months in Manhattan but have now settled in Williamsburg (fucking hipsters).

I chose to get rid of most of my stashed fabrics and yarn.  A lot of it was given to me or purchased without purpose and it was weighing me down.  The stash I did keep fits in a vintage leather suitcase that belonged to my grandparents and since unpacking, I’ve elected to only have as much fabric as will fit in the suitcase.  If the suitcase is ever full, then no more fabric.  I only brought enough yarn for one project, so that’s neatly tucked away in a cupboard.  I like this arrangement much more than the milk crates and tubs of fabric and yarn back in Australia.

A suitcase full of stash

The suitcase belonged to my grandparents, it’s beautiful but so. heavy.

I also had to get a new sewing machine, so for the first time I own a brand new machine!  I ended up getting a Janome 2212, which is a mechanical model very similar to the 70’s one I had in Australia, except not nearly as heavy.  It was very inexpensive, but as I prefer vintage techniques that don’t require a complicated machine, plus who knows where Neil and I might go next, it felt better to not invest in a sexy computerised machine right now.  I did look into some dual-voltage machines but they weren’t very feature-heavy for their price.

New sewing machine!

Less metal, more plastic.

I decided to celebrate the move by shaking up my website a bit.  The original shoesandblues.com is now my portfolio site.  (I’m a junior-level front-end developer with experience in WordPress and responsive email if you’re wondering slash hiring).  This is now makesit.shoesandblues.com and is dedicated to the things I make with fabric and yarn.  I removed all the old posts that weren’t crafting related and made a new layout.  I wanted a retro, 50’s theme but wasn’t sure where to start until I was going through through my sewing box one day and saw the packaging on some vintage notions.

British Snaps

A collection of notions I also found at my grandparents’ house before it was sold.

I’ve made quite a few garments already and I look forward to showing them to you over the next couple of weeks!

September 7th, 2016
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