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Merry Christmas, Baby!

I have made quite a few garments I’m excited to post about, however many of the photographs I’ve taken aren’t up to scratch because we’re not getting enough quality sunlight at the moment!  This post I could cobble together though.

I am not super keen on Christmas — the consumerism gets to me.  However, when you’re on the other side of the world, you can distance yourself from it, provided you don’t get stuck on 5th Avenue out the front of Saks in a crowd crush.

Neil is much more into Christmas than me.  It was the first year in ten for him that it was cold enough to wear a Christmas sweater.  We tried really hard to find the perfect one, but couldn’t hit upon a price/size combo that would appease him.  I couldn’t knit the complicated colourwork required in a month, in secret, but I could do the next best thing and put together a Christmas shirt.

Chill AF

The fabric is quilting cotton and it’s by Riley Blake.  I was going to pick a fabric with poinsettias on it, and do what Peter did and make a Hawaiian shirt of sorts, however I wasn’t able to guarantee that the wrong side of the fabric was appropriate. Instead, I decided to dial down the kitch and pick a fabric that was a little more in line with other shirts he had in his wardrobe.

The pattern is once again, Colette’s Negroni.  We made a few alterations, I slimmed out the hips by 1cm and increased the curve of the hem by 1.5cm, as per Neil’s request.  The next shirt I make him will definitely be one with a collar and stand, but I figured this casual style was appropriate for a novelty shirt.

So once I decided Neil was getting a Christmas shirt, I kind of wanted a Christmas outfit too.

Kitty skirt out in the wild.

Photographer Neil is way taller than me.

I did look for poinsettia fabric for Neil and then I found this!  I kind of love how “off” the cats are, there is just something wrong with them that really appeals to me.  I mean, if I’m going to do novelty, let’s do it properly.

The skirt is just a regular dirndl skirt.  I calculated my waist x3 and attached it to a waistband.  I used shirring elastic again, but because it was so tightly gathered, it was a little hard to wrangle, so that is worth remembering for next time.

I intended to have a deep hem to give the skirt some body, but something went off-grain while I was cutting the panels for the skirt, so I ended up losing an inch or so trying to fix it.  I did a hem facing so I didn’t lose any more length, which gave me the chance to easily include some pretty lace I had brought from Australia.  I intend to make another dirndl skirt for the spring/summer, and I think I would actually consider using interfacing on the hem facing for even more body.  I’ve seen horsehair braid recommended for a hem, but I feel that works more for circle skirts.

Christmas ended up being really relaxed.  We went out Christmas Eve with some pals who were visiting from Australia, then Christmas Day we opened with champagne brunch at home.  It was unusually warm on Christmas Day here, so we went for a walk in the sun, then came back home for wine and cheese.  We finished the day in Midtown, eating peking duck for dinner.  So perfect and low key!

January 27th, 2017
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