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N-N-N-Nervous B-B-B-Breakdown

My computer, on the eve of my mid-year intake application at RMIT, is breaking down.  The powersource is shot and seriously, what is the point of two 20G harddrives?  I think it’s nervous.  Lucky my application is handwritten!  I hand it in on Tuesday, which is my personal little deadline.  I’m borrowing the boy’s laptop, as he is addicted to his iPhone, and it’s a little awkward.  It’s like when you stay with a relative or a friend, and they clear a drawer for you and their house, but it’s a bit weird to put your pants in there.

I have been doing lots of crafty things.  Two of them are gifts, so they can’t be debuted yet, but I’ve got to tell you about the yarn.  I’ve dyed yarn with jelly (jello) before, so now I decided to try natural dyeing with eucalyptus leaves, and also dyeing with food colouring (Queens).

A couple of weeks ago, I walked around the park behind my house, collecting eucalyptus leaves.  I collected a bucketful, tipped water on them and forgot about them for two weeks or so.  Yesterday, I simmered the leaves down and simmered the yarn, and it’s currently drying outside.  It’s come out a lovely rust colour, so when it’s dry tomorrow, there will be shots snapped!

I also dyed with food colour, practicing my handpainting.  Hard work!  I managed to burn two of my fingers because, being a bit clumsy, forgot that steam is hot.  There is a a dye-a-long happening on Ravelry in the group A Kool Way to Dye and the theme is flowers.  I saw some flowers in a dream, so had to search the internet for a live example.  This comes close, but the flowers in my mind are far more wild and crazy.

The flower yarn and this next yarn are drying peacefully outside.  It is chilly though.  Just as well I’m inside, obsessing over ‘Gossip Girl’.  Did anyone see Blair’s hat the other week in the episode, ‘The Remains of the J’?

(from Leighton Meester Web.  Word up, their gallery is awesome.  I think I also need the hat on the main page of said gallery.  Next project.)

I need that hat.  Now that I have some Cleckheaton Kalaidascope that’s been dyed port wine x blue drying outside, so I will experiment with felting for this hat.  I’ll keep you posted.

And I drew this picture of my dad for drawyourdad.com.  It’s my favourite website right now.

EDIT: I accidentally deleted some legitimate comments while trying to shovel the spam out of my inbox.  But I still know I love you.

May 8th, 2009
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  1. kae on May 9, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    awww now that's not fair - talking about handpainting and dyeing and no photos :(