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Shawl Luck

Out on the balcony.

When in New Zealand earlier this year, I stocked up on some yarn, as it seemed like an appropriate souvenir.  I bought some possum/merino blend in Rotorua and was quite content with that, until I saw this skein of Touch 4ply by Touch Yarns another yarn store in Devonport.  It was like someone had taken all of my Mum’s favourite colours and dyed a skein of yarn with them.  Mother’s Day was a couple of months away and I figured that left me plenty of time to knock out a shawl.

I chose the pattern Batik — I don’t know what drew me to this one, but I figured it looked impressive and the yarn weight seemed a good match.  I did some maths and figured that I had enough yarn to make the shawl in a small size.  And that was ready (albeit not blocked) by Mother’s Day.  However, I had only used about half the yarn and the shawl was tiny.  It was a pretty big decision, but I decided I didn’t want a lot of leftover yarn and a small shawl, so I frogged the work and started again, this time on the medium.

The shawl wasn’t ready for Mother’s Day, however it was complete by my Mum’s birthday in late August.

Shawling from ear-to-ear.

The construction of the shawl is described as bottom-up (hence the frogging), although that top-edge you can see started off as the sides.  It’s only after a recommended aggressive blocking session that the shawl takes the required shape.

I’m glad I chose to do a different shawl with new-to-me construction method, but as I rarely, if ever, use recommended yarn, I think I might avoid bottom-up shawls for now.  I do prefer to just knit until I run out of yarn, which a top-down shawl affords.  The instructions for Batik were thorough — line-by-line thorough — which made for keeping track easy.  It does look impressive in real life, but I didn’t find the actual knitting too hard.  The most difficult part was making sure I cast on the right amount of stitches to be honest (over 300!).  And I am super glad I sized up!

September 16th, 2013
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