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Biased Opinions

It was sunny enough to take photos! Neil and I were in Brooklyn Industries awhile ago and I saw a flannel shirtwaist dress.  I think I had already tried on a dress in the store that day where the armscyes were way too low, so I didn’t bother trying the flannel number on, but I […]

March 31st, 2017
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Still Missing: Lambs

Ages ago, I made a Bo-Peep Scarf and I really did love it.  There came a time when we were packing up the flat in Brunswick where I had to make a decision whether to keep it or not.  The yarn was a little scratchy and I didn’t like the acetate lining that much, so […]

February 8th, 2017
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Merry Christmas, Baby!

I have made quite a few garments I’m excited to post about, however many of the photographs I’ve taken aren’t up to scratch because we’re not getting enough quality sunlight at the moment!  This post I could cobble together though. I am not super keen on Christmas — the consumerism gets to me.  However, when […]

January 27th, 2017
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Adventures in Coatmaking

So I’ve lived in Australia almost my entire life, except for the 8 months I spent living in Sweden when I was 18 or so.  Living in Melbourne means mild weather — during the summer, it can get hot, up to 40C, but only for a couple of days at a time.  During the winter […]

January 10th, 2017
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Christmas Knitting

I have been making quite a few things over the last couple of months, but I haven’t taken as many chances to photograph and blog them as soon as I finish them.  Christmas was surprisingly busy, plus my dear kitty Tilly, seen here asking for dinner, has been sick, which has been a little rough.  He’s okay […]

January 4th, 2017
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I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered The Replacements

OK, the title of this post is a lie, I haven’t just discovered The Replacements, it actually turns out that I’ve just gotten into replacing things.  (And I like to periodically rediscover Art Brut.) One of my favourite cardigans was a green and blue fair isle number from Valley Girl (it’s like an Australian Forever […]

November 29th, 2016
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Birthday Negroni

Neil’s birthday was in August and I was a bit stuck on what to get him.  What do you get the man who had everything, got rid of heaps of it, and now has exactly what he needs? He had noticed that his new workplace had a slightly different culture fashion-wise to his previous Australian […]

November 16th, 2016
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Invited to a Better Party

So, as mentioned, I made an after-party skirt for my wedding!  I wore a RTW spring racing dress (so knee length and off the shoulder) from Hugo Boss for the ceremony, which I admittedly bought when Neil and I were first engaged.  Not kidding, that was 4 or 5 years before we were actually married. […]

October 14th, 2016
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Serious, with a side of Twee

I bought this pink dotted swiss cotton from Mood when I was looking to replace a circle skirt that was faded beyond recognition and needed some serious retirement.  It was the wrong fabric for the job, but I faithfully wore the skirt, because I didn’t have a lot of clothes to chose from after a […]

October 8th, 2016
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Third Time’s a Charm

A couple of years ago, I tried to make Gertie’s Shirtwaist Dress to no avail and after some serious contemplation, I decided to purchase the shirtwaist dress pattern to end them all, McCall’s 6696.  Purchasing a well-documented pattern really saved my sanity and gave me the confidence boost I needed.  I loved it so much […]

September 23rd, 2016
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