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The Ballad of Rocky and Adrian

When the crew attend music festivals, we take along two hobby horses, Rocky and Adrian.  Both horses used to talk if you squeezed their ears, but after much partying and time spent in Michael’s shed, they eventually lost their voices.

After Meredith, I wanted to help them out, so I fixed up their voiceboxes.  Adrian (the first horse in the video) just needed some solder on the speaker that is her voicebox.  Rocky’s voicebox required replacing altogether.  I did plan on taking apart an existing toy, but couldn’t find any to sacrifice.  I ended up at a certain factory where you might create your own stuffed companion and they sold me a “voicebox” on its own (of course, they called it something naff like “heartbeat”).

Check out the ponies in action!  Adrian comes on first, then Rocky.

This post will be going live at about the same time we put the finishing touches on our tents at Golden Plains this weekend, where I’m sure everyone is very excited to hear what Rocky and Adrian have to say.

March 9th, 2013
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