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Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Twee

Based on a picture I saw of Katy Perry once, I made a cabled orange hat, complete with a pom pom, ear flaps and braids.  I took a dodgy photo and made a project page for it on Ravelry, with the intention to document exactly what I did.

I then loaned the hat to Neil to wear to a music festival, and he lost it within about 5 hours.

I wasn’t upset about him losing the hat — I don’t even think I really actually liked the colour — I was upset that he was upset.  “I’ll make you a new hat,” I promised… three years ago.  Two days before we depart for Meredith, I finally finished it for him.

Neil is in the beanie, not the fez.

The hat was made top down using wool yarn that my Mum gave me some years ago.  The hat isn’t as pointy as Katy’s hat, and the braids and pom poms have been omitted upon Neil’s request (or his eagerness to wear the hat, I’m not sure).  I didn’t use a pattern, but instead just a vague idea based on a hat I had just finished for myself.  I’m proud of how the ear flaps came out — they definitely didn’t come out as planned, and perhaps a vigorous blocking would flatten them out, however they seem to fit Neil’s ears just right.

hipsters. ugh.

As mentioned, I had just finished a hat for myself.  I purchased the alpaca yarn from a market that had pitched up out the front of Howler Bar, Brunswick one afternoon.  The spinner, Fiona Hall, was working right at her stall!  The pattern is Springtime in Philadelphia and I finished most of the hat while travelling to and from Tasmania.  The very edge is completed with a different leftover alpaca yarn, as I did it with the Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off, notorious yarn eater.


During blocking, I did accidentally stretch out the ribbing too far though.  I was pretty bummed out until I was procrastinating on Ravelry one afternoon and read a thread about a) how alpaca yarn will do that to you and b) it can be fixed up by sewing in some elastic.  I wove in lengths of shirring elastic along the bottom, which did the trick perfectly.

So now Neil and I have hats ready for the festival season.  Not a moment too soon either, for I can assure you, there is nothing colder than what a clear, sunny day turns into.

December 11th, 2013
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