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Twirling, Twirling

Twirly skirt

Miss Mollie, recipient of knitted elephants and still the only baby in the gang, turned two this week.  Goodness knows how she found the time to do that, but here she is, running everywhere and chatting away.

A little birdie whispered in my ear, or posted on my Facebook, I don’t remember, that Mollie loves tutus that move with you when you dance and that there was a tutorial on how to make them out of scrap fabric on the internet.  I couldn’t resist the chance to use up some of my hoarded fabric scraps so I set to work.

ALL OF THE FABRIC SCRAPS! Well, most of them anyway.

The tutorial uses a no-sew method of just knotting strips of fabric onto a length of elastic to make the skirts.  I had this idea that I would sew the strips onto a waistband to make the skirt more durable.  After all, I was giving it to a two year-old, I wanted her parents to have a chance of washing it.  However, after two evenings spent cutting the strips out, I decided to go with the knotting technique in the end.  I believe that the skirt could be washed in a laundry bag, as the strips have pinked edges, and look only slightly more “boho”.

My one hiccup was that I misread the instructions, and thought it said to cut the strips to 22 centimetres, rather than 22 inches.  I normally think in inches when sewing, as all my texts and blogs are in imperial, but my Commonwealth brain slipped on this one.  This meant that I didn’t double up the strips like the tutorial because I thought that they were too short, but instead, just knotted the strips at the top.  I didn’t really need to do this it turned out — once the birthday girl was in her skirt, everything looked a bit long!  It was incredibly cute though, plus it will grow with her for a bit, so she can continue to twirl well into the future.

My favourite part about the skirt, other than how happy Mollie was with it, was how it moved as she toddled about this afternoon.  It really did have great movement, something which the author of the tutorial mentions, and as Mollie becomes an even better dancer, the effect will only get better.  It also made a great birthday party workshop — Claire, Mollie’s mum, cut a lot of extra strips, plus I brought my extra strips along, and many of the adults made their own skirts.  It truly does only take half an hour of everyone working together to make some sort of tutu, and everyone had a good laugh while they were at it.


Yes I can see you cat.

I don’t have a picture of the birthday girl wearing it, but I do have an “outtake” from when I was photographing it for the blog.  I don’t need consent from my cat to put him on the internet.

March 15th, 2014
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  1. Zoe on March 18, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    The little head of Tilly poking out is hilarious. Aren't cats weirdos? I love ribbon. Reading and seeing this made me feel joyous.

    1. Nyssa on March 19, 2014 at 12:02 pm

      Tilly has to be involved in EVERYTHING, especially at the moment, he's going through a bit of a clingy phase. So "weirdo" is an accurate summary. :D And I don't think you're alone in your love for ribbons -- there were several grownups sporting similar skirts!

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