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Who Wears Short Shorts?

Well, perhaps not short shorts.  Shorts nonetheless.

I only recently read Tasia’s summary of Frosting vs Cake, but it struck a chord with me, which I briefly mentioned when making my Maudy Arabella dress.  I often make party dresses and wear them to a wedding or two, but they’re not something I get to wear everyday.  Like many others, I would like to make more every day items, which for me would be skirts and blouses.

Neil and I just got back from Spain where we attended the wedding of Captain Paul and Beth.  I did make a dress, which I will blog about another day once I can wash and iron it properly.  I also made two pairs of shorts.  I remember last time we went overseas for a summer holiday, I didn’t have any shorts and — TMI warning — my thighs chafed from all the walking around we do when away.  “I will make shorts!” I figured, which would also give me the chance to fit a trouser pattern without having to sacrifice too much fabric.

I made two toiles of McCall’s 8473, a pattern I found in an op-shop, before cutting into my two fashion fabrics.  I shortened the waist and lengthened the crotch, deepening the curve in the back.  I then replaced the straight waistband with the curved waistband from New Look 6896, admittedly after the shorts were finished.  The waistband stood out from my hips, but the back seam was riding up.  My researched indicated it was the waistband shape, which makes sense.  Am I a square?  No?  Curved waistband then.

(I’m trying to find a link to McCall’s 8473.  Do McCall’s always reuse pattern numbers?  Because I certainly didn’t make any children’s garments, not did I make a doona cover).

I probably should have stopped here — I also widened the legs, which I think is the reason why the shorts would sometimes bunch and ride-up when I walked, although I plan to have a cup of tea with the Pattern Review forums to learn more (I also plan to stop eating so much cheese).



They didn’t photograph very well on the hanger.  The stripey shorts are made of cotton and are underlined with cream cotton lawn.  The spotty shorts are cotton too I think, my Mum brought the fabric back from Bali, and are underlined with black cotton.  The stripey shorts are probably the better make, the spotty fabric shifted a lot and many pieces turned up slightly off.  Both are finished with flat-felled seams, fly-front zippers and hook-and-eye closures.

Just dawdling around Barcelona

<3 Singapore, always

The shorts definitely did make a lot of difference to how comfortable I was on holiday, even if they’re not perfect.  For next time, I think I would make them a little bigger at the waist, perhaps with a partial elastic waistband, to accommodate all the ‘tapas y cervasas’ I end up eating  and drinking while away.  For a first — and second — attempt, I’m fairly happy with the results and look forward to experimenting with more shapes and getting the fit absolutely spot-on.  I’m thinking floral shorts for the summer perhaps…

July 7th, 2014
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  1. Zoe on July 20, 2014 at 1:26 am

    These are beautiful! So flattering and such a classic cut! I especially love the striped ones. :)

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