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I am making a dress for New Year’s Eve.  This is something I attempt every year and I usually end up wearing the results three months to two years later.  I’m on track this year, although I do have a backup dress, just in case.

This is the sewing machine I use, a late 70’s model Janome.  It belongs to my Mum, but it lives with me until Mum wants it back (and she just invested in a whizz bang new Janome).  I learned how to oil it the other day so it is chugging on like a… well, like a machine.

I myself, am not a genius.

The sticker on it says “I’m a Genius!” because when we were younger, my brother Jared and I thought it was dead clever Mum could make all these things.  I stand by it.  She’s better than me.

December 30th, 2010
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